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RIVER SCREEN are the one and only digital hypersized video screens, installed aboard an ice-breaker class vessel Jules Vernes, cruising daily 365 days a year, along the Moscow river.

2 hi-resolution video screens, working in pair, provide unprecedented coverage of both automobile and pedestrian audiences in historic, business and leisures clusters of the Russian capital.

Large, bright, dynamic, moving video screens are impossible to miss, as they repeatedly pass along the key city embankments and sites in central Moscow.

To say more, all stationary large-format OOH is banned from central parts of Moscow, adding exclusivity and prestige to our screens, and raising effectiveness.

The lower edge of the video screens is set at a height of 3 meters above the waterline, and the upper edge is at a maximum height permissible for safely passing the bridges. This way, the video screens are equally well seen for pedestrians and drivers alike, from almost any point along the vessel route.

Our project has been approved by the Ministry of Transport, and protected by 2 patents (No 173574 and No 2629728 of 17/10/2016), owned by River Screen. 

Advertising activity is subject to provisions of section 20 of the Advertising Act (Federal Law) of the Russian Federation.

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The only superformat video screens in the city center 
Catches everyone's attention as it cruises slowly down and up the river
GRP and media figures that match TV channels 
Covers all key embankments in the central part of Moscow
Super bright hi-resolution, wide-angle video screens
Ads can go on air within minutes  
Animated or static images permissible
Flexible route
Opportunities for onboard events and extra branding

365 days | 08:00 - 22:00

  • Valid certification permitting year-round navigation
  • Screen brightness in excess of 7000 Cd/m2
  • 2 video screens, 1 on each side of the vessel
  • Screen size - 21,60 х 4,00 m
  • Ministry of Transport permissions
  • Refurbishment approved by the national certification body, Russian river register
  • Permits valid until March, 2021


  • Effective viewing distance - 550 m
  • Viewing angles - 360
  • High daily OTS 345 734
  • GRP daily 3,4%
  • OTS mount 10.132 млн.
  • GRP mount 101.93
  • Reach 20.3%
  • Frequency 5.02